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Domestic land transport
Domestic land transport, customs declaration, commodity inspection
Bulk and LCL, containers, oversized bulk cargo, port trailers, etc.
Small and medium-sized goods are delivered to your door;
Port trailer
LCL shipments;
Transportation of oversized cargo.

Provide marine export declaration services in general trade.
Accept export declaration business of various names, including machinery, furniture, textiles, clothing, hand tools, decorations, dangerous goods, etc. Provide various documents, commodity inspection, phytosanitary inspection, fumigation, and processing related certificates (CO) and Pratt & Whitney Card (F/A) for various traders.

Most countries generally apply for customs clearance before the customs inspection. Only after the inspection by the commodity inspection department is completed, the customs clearance form for the entry goods is issued, and the customs accepts the application for customs declaration. Therefore, doing product inspection before doing import and export can avoid unnecessary trouble.
Cargo inspection agents, detailed and safe and accurate solutions are required in the customs declaration, commodity inspection and hoisting process. We have a strong and professional service team to provide you with professional localized commodity inspection services.
Dangerous goods