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Logistics Finance
In order to improve the international competitiveness of export enterprises and solve the funding gap of small and medium-sized export enterprises, Shenzhen Xinhangdao Supply Chain Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services for small and medium-sized enterprises: customs clearance, tax refund, logistics, foreign exchange, financing and other foreign trade supply chain links. The company focuses on finding orders, making orders, and outsourcing all the cumbersome foreign trade links.

Shenzhen Xinhangdao Supply Chain Co., Ltd. introduces a financial product that belongs only to freight forwarding: Cargo treasure professional only makes pure credit loan of Shenzhen International Maritime Logistics Company, freight treasure, and is the middle and high-end customers, the minimum is 2 million, the highest Do 20 million pure credit loans, with the loan, with a monthly interest of 8%, signing directly with the Construction Bank!